VENITI is dedicated to providing innovative technology for the treatment of venous disease.

Crush Resistance

Uniform End-to-End Strength & Shape

Controlled Placement


Mr. Stephen Black

“A stent designed from inception
for use in veins is an important addition
to my treatment options.”

Consultant Vascular Surgeon
London, United Kingdom

“The VIRTUS trial is
important because it will
help future patients know
how they can benefit
from venous stenting.”

Marta Ramirez Ortega, M.D.

Vascular Surgeon
Madrid, Spain

Learn About Venous Disease

Chronic Venous Disease is a Universal Condition that Affects Millions Worldwide.

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VENITI Clinical Trials

Learn more about VENITI’s clinical research, including the VIRTUS venous stent trial.

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The Confluence

Join your colleagues in discussions about venous disease in this physician moderated forum.

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